Vanshika Name – Meaning, Origin and Similar Names

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Vanshika is a unique and beautiful name for a baby girl. It has Indian origins and is not very common in the Western world. There are no well-known celebrities with this name, but it is mentioned in ancient Hindu texts.

Name Gender Meaning Origin Religion Associated zodiac sign Associated month of the year
Vanshika Female Small part of a dynasty India Hinduism Leo August

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Related Names for Vanshika

The names Vaishnavi, Vaidehi, and Vani are all related to Vanshika because they have similar Indian origins and meanings. Devi and Lakshmi are also Indian names, but they are more well-known and have different meanings. However, they are sometimes used as alternatives to Vanshika.

Usual Names for Male Siblings of Vanshika

  • Rohan
  • Aryan
  • Kabir
  • Arjun

The names Rohan, Aryan, Kabir, and Arjun are all common names for brothers of Vanshika. These names have Indian origins and are popular in the Western world as well. Rohan means “ascending”, Aryan means “noble”, Kabir means “great”, and Arjun means “bright” or “shining”.

Usual Names for Female Siblings of Vanshika

  • Ishita
  • Tanvi
  • Khushi
  • Nia

The names Ishita, Tanvi, Khushi, and Nia are all common names for sisters of Vanshika. These names have Indian origins and are popular in the Western world as well. Ishita means “goddess Durga”, Tanvi means “beautiful” or “delicate”, Khushi means “happiness”, and Nia means “purpose” or “destination”.

Middle Names for Vanshika

  • Leena
  • Priya
  • Meena
  • Kumari

The middle names Leena, Priya, Meena, and Kumari are all commonly used alongside the name Vanshika, especially in India. These names have Indian origins and meanings. Leena means “beauty” or “grace”, Priya means “beloved” or “dear”, Meena means “fish” or “blue sapphire”, and Kumari means “princess” or “unmarried girl”.

Cute or Funny Nicknames for Vanshika

  • Van
  • Shika
  • Vani
  • Vanshi

The nickname “Van” is often used for Vanshika because it is a short and cute version of the name. “Shika” is another nickname that is sometimes used, especially by family members or close friends. “Vani” and “Vanshi” are also used as nicknames, but they are less common.

What Vanshika is Spelled Like in Other Languages

Name Language
Vanshika English
وانشيكا “Arab” / Urdu
万士加 Chinese
วันชิกา Thai
ヴァンシカ Japanese

Numerology for Vanshika

Numerology Number Value
Destiny Number 5
Inner Dream Number 6
Soul Urge Number 3

The Destiny Number for Vanshika is 5, which means that she is a natural leader and has a strong sense of independence. The Inner Dream Number is 6, which suggests that Vanshika has a strong desire for stability and harmony in her life. The Soul Urge Number is 3, which means that Vanshika has a creative and expressive nature.

Personality for Vanshika

Attribute Value
Ruling Planet Mercury
Positive Nature Intelligent, creative, expressive
Negative Traits Impulsive, moody, stubborn
Lucky Colours Yellow, green, blue
Lucky Days Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Lucky Stones Emerald, sapphire, topaz
Harmony Numbers 2, 4, 7
Problematic Numbers 3, 5, 8
Best Suited Professions Writer, artist, musician, teacher
Liked Characteristics Honesty, loyalty, kindness
Disliked Characteristics Dishonesty, rudeness, selfishness


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