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Shivangi is a unique and captivating name for a baby girl. It’s not very common, but it has been given to a few notable people, especially in India. Plus, it appears in Hindu mythology, which is a neat fact to share!

Name Gender Meaning Origin Religion Associated zodiac sign Associated month of the year
Shivangi Female Part of Shiva India Hinduism Aries March

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Related or Similar Names for Shivangi 👭

Here are a few names that are related or similar to Shivangi. The top three are Shivaani, Shivanya, and Shivangini. They are all related to Shivangi because they are derived from the same root word “Shiva” and have similar meanings. Shivaani is just a different spelling, while Shivanya and Shivangini add the suffix “anya” or “angini” to create a new name. In Hindi, they all sound very similar too!

  • Shivaani
  • Shivanya
  • Shivangini
  • Shivaleela
  • Shivaranjani
  • Shivatmika
  • Shivadarshini
  • Shivakshi
  • Shivagami

Usual or Common Names for Male Siblings of Shivangi đŸ‘Ļ

If you’re looking for a name for Shivangi’s brother, here are a few options that are commonly used in India. Shivangi and her brother will make a great pair! Plus, did you know that Shiva is actually a male deity in Hinduism? So these names are perfect for a little boy who will grow up to be strong and wise like Shiva.

Usual or Common Names for Female Siblings of Shivangi 👧

If you’re looking for a name for Shivangi’s sister, here are a few options that are commonly used in India. Shivangi and her sister will make a great duo! Plus, did you know that Shiva has a female counterpart named Shakti? So these names are perfect for a little girl who will grow up to be powerful and graceful like Shakti.

  • Saanvi
  • Aahana
  • Prisha
  • Ishita
  • Navya

Middle Names for Shivangi 🌸

Here are a few middle names that would sound lovely with Shivangi. In India, it’s common to have a middle name that is a family name or a name that has a special meaning. For example, Shivangi’s middle name could be “Patel” if her family is part of the Patel community, or it could be “Nandini” if her parents want to honor the Hindu goddess Nandini.

  • Nandini
  • Patel
  • Sharma
  • Devi
  • Kumari

Cute or Funny Nicknames for Shivangi 😜

Here are a few nicknames that would be perfect for Shivangi. The nickname “Shivi” is a cute and simple option that is easy to pronounce. Plus, it’s a great way to show affection for someone named Shivangi. The nickname “Gigi” is a fun and playful option that is inspired by the name Shivangi. It’s a great way to add a little bit of personality to the name.

  • Shivi
  • Gigi
  • Angie
  • Shivu
  • Shivi-Shivi

How to Spell Shivangi in Other Languages 🌐

Here’s how to spell Shivangi in a few different languages. It’s interesting to see how the name is adapted to different writing systems and pronunciations.

Name Language
Shivangi English
Ø´ŲŲˆŲŽŲ†Ú¯ŲÛŒ Arabic
ā¤ļā¤ŋā¤ĩā¤žā¤‚ā¤—āĨ€ Hindi
ã‚ˇãƒ´ã‚Ąãƒŗã‚Ž Japanese
ā¸¨ā¸´ā¸§ā¸ąā¸‡ā¸ā¸´ Thai

Numerology for Shivangi đŸ”ĸ

Here are some interesting numerology facts about Shivangi. The number 9 is a powerful and spiritual number that is associated with wisdom, creativity, and compassion. It’s a great number for someone who is destined to make a difference in the world.

Numerology Number Value
Destiny Number 9
Soul Urge Number 9
Inner Dream Number 9

Personality for Shivangi 🌟

Here are some personality traits that are often associated with the name Shivangi. The ruling planet of Shivangi is Mars, which is associated with energy, passion, and courage. It’s a great planet for someone who is destined to be a leader or an adventurer.

Attribute Value
Ruling Planet Mars
Positive Nature Energetic, passionate, courageous
Negative Traits Impulsive, aggressive, stubborn
Lucky Colours Red, orange, yellow
Lucky Days Tuesday, Friday
Lucky Stones Ruby, garnet, topaz
Harmony Numbers 2, 4, 6
Problematic Numbers 3, 5, 7
Best Suited Professions Leader, adventurer, athlete
Liked Characteristics Loyalty, honesty, confidence
Disliked Characteristics Dishonesty, weakness, arrogance

Wrapping Up Shivangi’s Journey 🎀

We hope you enjoyed learning all about the name Shivangi! It’s a beautiful and unique name that is perfect for a baby girl. If you’re looking for more inspiration, be sure to check out our other articles on baby names. We have categories for boy names, girl names, unisex names, and names from different cultures and religions. Happy naming!

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