Reidun Name – Meaning, Origin and Similar Names

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Reidun baby name is a unique blend of heritage and melody.

Name Reidun
Gender Female
Meaning Lovely in the nest
Origin Norwegian
Religion Christianity
Associated zodiac sign Taurus
Associated month of the year May

In this article

  • Astrid
  • Ingrid
  • Solveig
  • Freyja
  • Signe
  • Embla
  • Hilde
  • Eir
  • Ragnhild
  • Thyra

Astrid, Ingrid, and Solveig are closely related to Reidun because they all have Norse origins and embody strong, yet beautiful meanings. Astrid sounds a bit like Reidun if you squint your ears, especially in Norwegian.

People named Reidun have siblings with the following boy names

Brothers named Erik or Magnus are common, showing a preference for strong, traditional Scandinavian names. Magnus means “great” in Latin, which is a cool fact.

People named Reidun have siblings with the following girl names

Sisters named Sigrid or Liv are quite common, which suggests that parents who choose Reidun also favor names with a rich Norse heritage. Sigrid has a meaning related to victory, making it a powerful sister name.

Middle names often associated with Reidun

  • Marie
  • Anne
  • Elisabeth

In Norway, it’s common to use traditional names like Marie, Anne, or Elisabeth as middle names for girls named Reidun. This tradition adds a classic touch to the unique first name.

Cute nicknames for the name Reidun

  • Rei
  • Dunnie
  • Reidy

Rei is a popular nickname for Reidun, reflecting the name’s simplicity and elegance. It’s a sweet, short form that captures the essence of someone who is both strong and caring.

Reidun in other languages

Name Language
Reidun English
ريدون Arabic
瑞敦 Chinese
ไรดัน Thai
レイドゥン Japanese

Numerology details for the name Reidun

Numerology Number 4
Destiny Number 8
Inner Dream Number 3
Soul Urge Number (Heart’s Desire or Motivation Number) 5
Personality Number 3

Personality details for Reidun

Ruling Planet Venus
Positive Nature Loyal and caring
Negative Traits Sometimes too stubborn
Lucky Colours Green, Pink
Lucky Days Friday, Monday
Lucky Stones Emerald
Harmony Numbers 1, 6
Problematic Numbers 3, 8
Best Suited Professions Designers
Liked characteristics Patience, Kindness
Disliked characteristics Impulsiveness, Indecision


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