Arisha Name – Meaning, Origin and Similar Names

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Arisha baby name is a sweet and elegant choice.

Name Arisha
Gender Female
Meaning Peace
Origin Arabic
Religion Islam
Associated zodiac sign Libra
Associated month of the year October

In this article

  • Alisha
  • Irisha
  • Anisha
  • Ayesha
  • Trisha
  • Marisha
  • Parisha
  • Karisha
  • Larisha
  • Sarisha

Alisha, Irisha, and Anisha are closely related to Arisha because they share a similar rhythm and ending sound. Alisha and Irisha, in particular, sound almost identical in some languages.

People named Arisha have siblings with the following boy names

Brothers of Arisha often have names like Aryan or Ishan. Aryan is a popular choice, reflecting a strong cultural heritage.

People named Arisha have siblings with the following girl names

Sisters of Arisha often have names like Anika or Sanvi. Anika is a name that’s both sweet and strong, just like Arisha.

Middle names often associated with Arisha

  • Noor
  • Fatima
  • Zara

In many Muslim families, Arisha is paired with middle names like Noor or Fatima, reflecting religious significance and cultural heritage.

Cute nicknames for the name Arisha

  • Ari
  • Rish
  • Sha

Ari is a popular nickname for Arisha, often given to girls who are perceived as strong and independent.

Arisha in other languages

Name Language
Arisha English
أريشة Arabic
阿里莎 Chinese
อาริชา Thai
アリシャ Japanese

Numerology details for the name Arisha

Numerology Number 5
Destiny Number 8
Inner Dream Number 3
Soul Urge Number 2
Personality Number 6

Personality details for Arisha

Ruling Planet Venus
Positive Nature Loves to Work Hard
Negative Traits Can be a bit too eager at times
Lucky Colours Green, Pink
Lucky Days Friday, Monday
Lucky Stones Diamond
Harmony Numbers 3, 6, 9
Problematic Numbers 5
Best Suited Professions Bankers and Accountants
Liked characteristics Generosity, Kindness
Disliked characteristics Impatience, Criticism


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