Jean Name – Meaning, Origin and Similar Names

Jean – Baby Name Meaning, Origin, and More

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Discovering Jean: A Classic Name with a Rich History

Jean is a timeless and popular name for boys, with roots in both France and Scotland. It’s been borne by numerous notable figures, including actors, musicians, and politicians. In this article, we’ll delve into the meaning, origin, and other fascinating aspects of the name Jean.

Name Gender Meaning Origin Religion Associated Zodiac Sign Associated Month of the Year
Jean Male God is gracious French, Scottish Christian Leo August

Navigating Through the World of Jean

In this article, we’ll explore related and similar names to Jean, as well as common names for siblings, middle name options, cute nicknames, and how the name is spelled in different languages. We’ll also touch on numerology and the personality traits associated with the name Jean.

Here are some names that are related to or share a similar sound with Jean:

  • John
  • Sean
  • Shane
  • Evan
  • Ian
  • Juan
  • Gian
  • Hans
  • Jean-Luc

John, Sean, and Shane are particularly closely related to Jean, as they all derive from the same original name or have a similar sound. In French-speaking regions, Jean-Luc is a popular compound name.

Sibling Names: Male

If you’re considering the name Jean for your baby boy, you might be wondering what names would pair well for a brother. Here are some ideas:

  • Pierre
  • Jacques
  • François
  • Antoine
  • Luc

These names are all of French or Scottish origin, making them a great match for Jean.

Sibling Names: Female

If you’re looking for a name for a sister to go with Jean, here are some suggestions:

  • Marie
  • Sophie
  • Charlotte
  • Émilie
  • Claire

These names are also of French or Scottish origin and would complement Jean nicely.

Middle Names

If you’re considering middle name options for Jean, here are a few ideas:

  • Paul
  • Jacques
  • Philippe
  • André
  • François

These middle names are popular choices in France and other French-speaking regions and would pair well with the name Jean.


Here are some cute or funny nicknames that are commonly used for Jeans:

  • Johnny (often used for Jeans with the middle name John)
  • Jean-Jean
  • Jay
  • Nino

The nickname Johnny is often given to Jeans who have the middle name John, reflecting their strong and dependable nature.

Name in Other Languages

Here’s how the name Jean is spelled in different languages:

Name Language
Jean English
جان Arabic
约翰 Chinese
จาน Thai
ジャン Japanese


In numerology, the name Jean has the following key numbers:

Numerology Number Value
Destiny Number 7
Inner Dream Number 3
Soul Urge Number 9
Heart’s Desire or Motivation Number 9
Personality Number 3


The name Jean is associated with the following personality traits and characteristics:

Attribute Value
Ruling Planet Mars
Positive Nature Brave, passionate, determined
Negative Traits Impulsive, stubborn, aggressive
Lucky Colours Red, orange, pink
Lucky Days Tuesday, Thursday
Lucky Stones Ruby, garnet, coral
Harmony Numbers 2, 4, 6
Problematic Numbers 5, 7, 9
Best Suited Professions Athlete, soldier, entrepreneur, artist
Liked Characteristics Honesty, loyalty, courage
Disliked Characteristics Dishonesty, betrayal, cowardice

Article Conclusion

In conclusion, Jean is a classic and popular name for boys, with a rich history and meaning. It’s been borne by many notable figures and is associated with positive personality traits such as bravery, passion, and determination. If you’re considering the name Jean for your baby boy, be sure to check out our related and similar names, as well as our suggestions for sibling names, middle names, and nicknames. You can also explore the name’s numerology and personality traits to gain a deeper understanding of its significance.

If you’re interested in exploring more baby names, be sure to check out our categories for Boy Names, Girl Names, Unisex Names, and names that start with a particular letter.


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