Aaron Name – Meaning, Origin and Similar Names

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Aaron baby name is a strong, timeless choice.

Name Aaron
Gender Male
Meaning High mountain; exalted, enlightened
Origin Hebrew
Religion Judaism, Christianity
Associated zodiac sign Aries
Associated month of the year April

Adam, Aiden, and Alex are the most related to Aaron, with Adam being similarly bibilical, Aiden sounding alike, and Alex sharing the first letter. They’re all popular in English-speaking countries.

People named Aaron have siblings with the following boy names

Brother names often include Jacob, Ethan, and Noah. Jacob’s the most bibilical name, which fits well with Aaron’s heritage.

People named Aaron have siblings with the following girl names

For a sister, names like Sarah, Rachel, and Emma are popular. Rachel’s story in the Bible is quite intersting, making it a significant choice.

Middle names often associated with Aaron

  • James
  • Michael
  • David

James, Michael, and David are common middle names for Aaron, especially in Christian families in the U.S. They add a strong, traditional feel to the name.

Cute nicknames for the name Aaron

  • Ari
  • Ron
  • Ronnie

Ronnie is a playful nickname that suits Aaron’s who are outgoing and friendly. It gives a casual and approachable vibe to the name.

Aaron in other languages

Name Language
Aaron English
هارون Arabic
亚伦 Chinese
อาโรน Thai
アーロン Japanese

Numerology details for the name Aaron

Numerology Number 3
Destiny Number 4
Inner Dream Number 1
Soul Urge Number 9
Personality Number 6

Personality details for Aaron

Ruling Planet Mars
Positive Nature Leader and Visionary
Negative Traits Can be impatient
Lucky Colours Red, Scarlet
Lucky Days Tuesday
Lucky Stones Ruby
Harmony Numbers 1, 8
Problematic Numbers 2, 7
Best Suited Professions Engineers
Liked characteristics Confidence, Courage
Disliked characteristics Arrogance, Impatience


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