How to handle a stomach virus when it hits your large family

The one downside to having a large family is that when something like a stomach virus hits, it hits hard and in random times even when trying your hardest to prevent it. This past week has been up and down and included my husband going down in the process. The oldest two girls were apart of the literacy camp at their school this Summer and apparently a stomach bug was going around the camp and eventually made it to our 9 year old. It started with a fever and then progressed to vomiting, however it was gone within two days so we thought maybe we would just slide by.

On Wednesday of this week my husband was scheduled to train on night shift and he went in after being there for only two hours one of his co workers noticed his color fading and asked for the thermometer his temp was 102.9 so they sent him home and requested a negative Covid-19 test. He came home and went straight to sleep where he sweated most of the temperature out. The next day he took the test that came back negative but by this time it had hit me. Now mind you I’ve been constantly washing bedding and using disinfectant spray non-stop , at one point I even put masks on.

Today our youngest girl came to me with a temp of 100.5 so I gave her a dose of Tylenol and quarantined her to the bedroom. I’m so beyond ready for this to be over and I honestly despise when a stomach flu hits our family because I know for the next few weeks it will be constantly up and down. As of right now none of the boys and our oldest girls have shown any symptoms and we may get lucky and they won’t but alas I will still try to prevent any more spreading even though I know it is inevitably preventable.

Here are a few things I do to help prevent it from spreading:

  1. Wash linens daily while the virus is active.
  2. Bleach bathrooms and touchable surfaces.
  3. It is hard with smaller children that want to play with their siblings but try to keep everyone spread out a little.
  4. Stock up on Ibuprofen and Tylenol to rotate.
  5. Pepto tablets are a must.
  6. Sprite and other clear liquids for ease on the tummy.

What are some things that you do to when a stomach bug hits your home?

14 thoughts on “How to handle a stomach virus when it hits your large family

  1. You give the good tips to anyone who face stomach virus. Since the spreading of covid-19 my family try to clean up the house regularly to keep a fresh environment and reduce bacteria, virus that may lead to different illnesses.

  2. These are excellent tips. A few months ago, my husband got a stomach flu, and it spread through our entire family so fast! OMG, it was awful.

  3. Great tips. We just came out of a week of this not so long ago. High hygeine is vital. I forgot about Pepto tablets. Activated charcoal is also great.

  4. We just had one of these going around in our house unfortunately. Great tips on keeping on top of things to get everyone back to normal as quickly as possible.

  5. It can be really hard to keep everyone separate when you are confined to a small space. I make sure everything is cleaned down and I make light soups as they are easier to eat.

  6. Great tips, we should make our environment clean and always sanitize to prevent this incident.

  7. Fantastic tips. We had an encounter with a stomcah virus a few months ago, while only my middle daughter was effected, a lot of these tips actually work. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Did all your cleaning help others in your family from getting sick? I’m glad that everyone is ok now. Getting sick and feeling miserable is the worst!

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