The love of Sports – Baseball Season 2022

So this year the girls wanted to play softball and Ry Baseball as well. Originally Vannah was going to be on the 8U team and Cali on the 12U team BUT when the President reached out and said if we add the girls there would be enough for a 10U team my husband and I both agreed that it would be good for the girls since this was their first time ever playing the sport.

What ended up happening though was that all three kids were on the same team and our two girls were the only girls on ANY team the entire season. But I was beyond proud of that because my girls went out there and showed some of the boys up too 😉 .

The last breakdown of the season made this mommas heart cry a little.

All three kids had a great season and Riley hit TWO inside the park homeruns which he was super excited about! This was his first year playing since coach pitch and he did extremely well!

Running the bases! First Pitch in park home run!

Overall the Season was pretty good and they are excited about starting Softball next year well at least Vannah is anyways Cali has said that she’d rather just stick to Baseball which of course Riley is beyond ready for even though the current season just ended lol there was some chit chat about Fall ball but I’m not sure how that will turn out … we will just wait and see .

Just look at Riley’s photos and how adorable they are <3 THEN & NOW.

Next up Cheer and Football season and we cannot wait!

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