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Hiking adventure

Today we decided to go on a Hike on our family land in hopes of finding an old Civil War graveyard. All six kids were ecstatic as we love hiking and just venturing out into the woods as a family. So we packed up water and snacks and headed to the trail.

We brought the metal detector to see if we found anything (sadly the only thing we found was an old beer can but the suspense was intriguing for all of the kids while they were digging that’s for sure.

The trail was good in the beginning but as we got deeper and deeper into the woods it began to get too covered with blackberry patches that we all decided to turn back. Some of the hills we went up were very steep and after one of them there was a great view so we stopped to take a small break before heading back down.

There were several really pretty flowers growing along the way so I grabbed some shots of them – My favorite was the wild Hydrangea – It reminded me of my PawPaw as he was a nursery owner and loved them very much. I also grabbed a shot of what appeared to be the Largest dandelion I have ever seen in my life. It was kind of weird to be honest lol

On the way back down the kids asked if they could put just their feet into the shallow creek and I said okay but that quickly turned into a full on splash fest lol they enjoyment on their faces made it worth it for though.

And finally after a few minutes even the 14 year old decided he wanted to walk through the water as well. You know how teenagers are lol

Overall the kids really enjoyed the hike and were even talking about going back so we could try to clear more of the trail to find the graveyard. So I’m sure before the Summer is over we will attempt it at least one more time and the best part is we don’t have to travel too far to get to the trail head.

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  1. Ah yes, when you can get the 14-year-old to be involved all is well. we have a 14 year old in the house as well. 😉 Glad you had a nice time out.

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