Late post – Wrapping Up January with the gang

Did anyone else besides me feel like January lasted for forever? It was just a long and drawn-out month or so it seemed anyways. The cold weather here in Alabama is probably what was doing it for me. Even though now in the first week of February it is still too cold for my liking. Apart from the long and dreary days we did make some great memories.

For one we got to see the Spider-Man: No way home. We went to the late showing due to my anxiety of crowds and people and just not wanting to be overwhelmed when I was trying to enjoy time with my family. The theater was empty like I had hoped so it was a sigh of relief. Only one of my gang fell asleep during the end of the movie so I felt like that was a success.

My review on the movie is a 10/10! I won’t spoil anything, but the surprise made me tear up and bond a little with my oldest son which was very enjoyable for me.

Another great and fun thing we did for the month of January was we got to watch the Harlem Globetrotters in Huntsville, Alabama on my daughter’s 10th Birthday! The kids really enjoyed it and to be honest so did I. It was family friendly, attention catching and highly enjoyable.

So how did the month of January go for you? What fun and exciting things did you get to do or enjoy?

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