And then there were 9


This is the official first post on the blog and I am beyond ecstatic about it! I have been pondering creating this blog for quite sometime now and finally I have bit the bullet. For starters let me introduce myself , My name is Sandra and I am the “Mom, Step-mom, Ms. Sandra” in this story of ours. It is myself that will be creating and sharing our memorable adventures. I’m hoping to make this into a lifestyle blog that will feature recipes, crafts, adventures and more on how my rather large and blended family do things in hopes of helping others. If you have any questions or concerns about anything at any point please email me directly at themregang@outlook.com. 

Now to get on with the backstory of the blog name.

My husband and I met about two years ago. The actual first day that we physically met he had flowers sent to my work establishment. It was the sweetest thing and I loved the way he signed it. “Mr. E” . It was just outright the cutest thing ever to me. As most of you have guessed our last name starts with the letter E but when you put Mr. in front, it turns into a play on words and means “Mystery”. So here we are with four daughters , three boys , and soon to be two grand-daughters. A rather large and blended family with fun and adventures around every corner we take ❤


Stay Tuned. 

Ms. Sandra 

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